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3 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Complete Beginner Bloggers (Hint: None Are Amazon)

white journal on desk with laptop

Affiliate Programs For Beginner Bloggers Okay I’ve heard ya’ll loud and clear. You want to know about affiliate marketing lol. I keep getting a lot of questions about it and I totally understand. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start monetizing your blogs so I’m excited to share what I know about […]

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How To Easily Create A Free Convertkit Account When You’re New To Email Marketing

cell phone on white desk

Setting up Convertkit’s Free Account When I first started blogging I was clueless about email marketing. I kept hearing how important it was and I’d just say “Oh that’s nice” and move on. I just didn’t get it. Well, I want to congratulate you for “getting it” far more than I did. Because if you’re […]

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65 Blogging Terms & Vocabulary To Know To Make You Sound Like A Blogging Pro

laptop and microphone blogging terms and vocabulary

  Terms Used In Blogging There are about a million different blogging terms and vocabulary words that it can be hard to figure it all out. In this post, I explain 65 of the most common terms you might see bloggers use.  Do you want to be able to intelligently discuss blogging tips and strategies with more […]

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Pinterest Marketing For Bloggers: 3 Costly Mistakes You Must Stop Making!

girl sitting at a desk with laptop

Pinterest Marketing Mistakes To Avoid I’ve seen this happen over and over again on Pinterest. And I’d ask myself why do people post pins like that on Pinterest? But it turns out…I’ve been making some of the same Pinterest marketing mistakes that I’ve judged my fellow pinners on. And for that, I must apologize. I’m […]

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The 29 Best Tailwind Tribes To Join For Christian Bloggers To Skyrocket Their Blog Traffic

This is a picture of a peach journal and peach flowers on a white desk. This post is about Tailwind Tribes To Join

Tailwind Tribes are one of the most exciting features that Tailwind offers. What’s even more exciting is that there are some amazing Tailwind Tribes to join for Christian bloggers to grow their traffic. I’m in quite a few myself and I know that they have really helped me connect with my audience in a broader […]

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