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Category Archives for "Pinterest Marketing"

Pinterest Marketing For Bloggers: 3 Costly Mistakes You Must Stop Making!

girl sitting at a desk with laptop

Pinterest Marketing Mistakes To Avoid I’ve seen this happen over and over again on Pinterest. And I’d ask myself why do people post pins like that on Pinterest? But it turns out…I’ve been making some of the same Pinterest marketing mistakes that I’ve judged my fellow pinners on. And for that, I must apologize. I’m […]

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The 29 Best Tailwind Tribes To Join For Christian Bloggers To Skyrocket Their Blog Traffic

This is a picture of a peach journal and peach flowers on a white desk. This post is about Tailwind Tribes To Join

Tailwind Tribes are one of the most exciting features that Tailwind offers. What’s even more exciting is that there are some amazing Tailwind Tribes to join for Christian bloggers to grow their traffic. I’m in quite a few myself and I know that they have really helped me connect with my audience in a broader […]

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How (& Why) To Join Tailwind Tribes In 6 Clear Easy To Follow Steps (Tutorial With Pictures)

This is picture of a computer with a woman's hands typing on it. There is a white backdrop and this post is about How To Join Tailwind Tribes

Have you heard about Tailwind Tribes and how much they can increase traffic to your blog? If you have and you’re ready to know more, then read my step by step tutorial on how to join Tailwind Tribes! Personally, I joined the Tailwind Tribes game a little late. But that was a blogging mistake because […]

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3 Helpful How-Tos On Getting More Blog Traffic From Pinterest Using Tailwind (Videos)

two journals one pink one marble

Getting Blog Traffic From Pinterest Using Tailwind If you’re anything like me, when you need help understanding a blogging tool you either turn to: Pinterest Youtube I go to these two sources for help before I go to Google. Probably because they both so colorful and inviting. Plus, I like to get step by step […]

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5 Benefits Of Using Tailwind For Pinterest Marketing To Increase Blog Traffic

why I use tailwind for pinterest marketing

Why You Should Use Tailwind For Pinterest Marketing Have you heard about Tailwind and how to use it for marketing on Pinterest? I mean I don’t want to make any assumptions here. It’s very possible that you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how some people seem to pin on Pinterest every day seemingly […]

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3 Costly Mistakes Blogging Beginners Make With Pinterest’s Promoted Pins & How To Stop It

Pinterest Promoted Pins Best (And Worst) Practices You’re curious about them. You’ve seen Pinterest ads for other bloggers. And if you see them over and over again then they must be working right? They wouldn’t keep spending money on ads if they didn’t get results, right? But you might feel unsure about whether or not […]

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How To Promote Your Blog Using Pinterest & Grow Your Email List Like A Weed

woman in pink pans with a laptop and latte

How To Promote Your Blog With Pinterest I bet you thought the hard work was over. You’ve already set up your autoresponder (if you haven’t then click here to read more about them), you already have a squeeze page set up (if not click here to choose a squeeze page builder), and you’ve already made […]

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