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5 Places To Put Your Blog’s Email Opt-in Form And Why It Matters

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Where to put your blog’s email opt-in form

Autoresponder bought and set up? Check.

Amazing opti-n freebie created? Check.

Squeeze page designed and ready to go? Check.

Now what we need to do is set up our opt-in forms on your blog. But where should they go? I mean there are some obvious places but we shouldn’t just be putting our opt-in forms in obvious places, now should we.

There are some less obvious places where our opt-in forms can go that can really increase your subscriber counts.

But why does it matter where we put our opt-in forms, I hear you ask?

Well, think about when you go to a blog.

When you see an opt-in in an obvious place do you scroll right over it or do you look at each and every one of them with rapt attention?

I’m thinking it’s not the rapt attention one.

I notice opt-in freebies when they are really offering something awesome or when they pop up in unique places.

I’m finding that getting in the head of your reader and making tweaks not just with your email opti-ns but on your blog, in general, can really make a difference in connecting with your readers and getting more subscribers.

This is one of the unique places to put your email opt-in freebie...right about the read more tag. 

a white wooden desk with a laptop on it. The laptop has a yellow sticky note on it that says Christian blogging academy. There's a hand touching the sticky note. The text overlay says 4 unique spots where you should put your email opt-in forms to get more email subscribers.

So what are some more unique places to put your email opt-in forms?

1. On your about page

When we land on a blog or website where we really relate to the author or blog host, we typically will go to their about page so we can read more about their story and their blog’s purpose.

This is the perfect opportunity to offer that reader your opt-in freebie as a thank you for being on your site. You can set it up really quickly.

You can either have a link to your opt-in in freebie somewhere in the text or you can have the opt-in forms incorporated onto the page.


2. You can put an opt-in link in your navigation menu

This one is really easy. All you have to do is take the squeeze page that you’ve already created ( I’m assuming you did it already) and put it in your main navigation menu.

You can put the title as join, join my tribe, join our community, or something similar. What I wouldn’t put is subscribe.

Based on my research, you don’t want to remind people that they are subscribing to something. We either associate subscribing with buying something or with getting a lot of emails encouraging you to buy something.

Presenting it like a community where you will be offering value to each other is a better approach.


3. In your newsletters

If you are building a relationship with your subscribers and they really like what your doing, asking them to forward your opt-in freebie to someone they believe will be helped by it can be a way to get more people in your tribe.

When a friend tells you about something or someone and they really love it, then I’m likely going to look it up myself and see what it’s about.


Because I trust them. I already know this person so if they recommend it I’m more likely to be interested in it than if a random stranger tells me about it.


4. Put an opt-in form before your “read more”

Something I’ve been doing recently is putting an opt-in link right before my read more tag.

Put another way: when people are scrolling through my homepage trying to find a post they want to read, it’s possible that they may not click on my post to read it.

However, they may see my link that says something like “need help building your blog into a business?” that I’ve placed right before the read more tag.

So even if the post title doesn’t catch their eye, the link to the freebie might.


5. At the end of your post or footer

If someone has made it until the end of your post then clearly like your writing and your writing style.

So take the opportunity to either give them a quick reminder about your freebie at the end of your post when you’re saying goodbye or by having an opt-in form in your blog’s footer.

This reader is now more of a warmer prospect than they were when they first came on your blog because they’ve gotten to know you a little through your post.

At that point, they may be more comfortable exchanging their email address with you for your freebie.


What new places do you put your opt-in forms?

Is there some unique place where you put your opt-in forms on your blog to gain more subscribers? Share your knowledge with your fellow bloggers so we can all learn from each other.

And ok ok, I know there’s a baby elephant in the room (if you’ve been following my series). I won’t try and front like I haven’t been neglecting my email list building 101 post series.

I fully admit that I’ve fallen off. My only defense is that writing a blog post every day is far more grueling than I thought. I can only ask for your forgiveness. I appreciate each and every one of you.

If you’re interested in learning more about blogging for business and impact then please download my free Christian business blogging roadmap. Just enter your email below.

I’ll see you in the next post and thanks for reading.

Nicky Johnson

Angela Johnson is the owner and creator of Christian Blogging Academy (CBA) & Healthy As You Can (HAYC). She is also a veteran blogger and author with degrees in Business & IT. She started this blog to support other Christians who are bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs (or those who aspire to be)!

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