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Category Archives for "How To Start & Grow A Christian Blog"

3 Easy Solutions To Try When A WordPress Plug Is Not Working & Your Blog Crashes

computer setting open on a table

Solutions to fix WordPress plugin problems As you delve deeper into the world of blogging and starting your own business, you will find that you will have quite a few, shall I say, technical difficulties. I ran into such a technical difficulty the other night at 12 in the morning. I’ve been having problems with […]

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5 Reasons Why Christian Bloggers Should Market Their Products (Even If You Hate Self-Promotion)

I can’t even express to you how much I hate doing it. “Buy my book” “Like me on Facebook” “Follow me on Twitter” “Subscribe to my channel” Ugh…I hate self-promotion. Not so much for other people because I can’t knock someone else’s hustle. But my own personal hustle? It could use a little work. I […]

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Christian Blogs That Make Money: How To Make Money As A Christian Blogger Without Guilty

money in stacks with stick notes on them christian blogs that make money

Christian blogs that make money Christian blogs that make money might seem like their focus is not in the right place. But is that really true? Is it wrong for Christian bloggers to monetize their blogs? In today’s post, I talk about this in-depth and give my analysis on the issue as well as give […]

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7 Powerful Ways To Fight Discouragement In Your Christian Calling

bible open on blue table

7 Powerful Ways To Fight Discouragement In Your Calling I have to admit. I’ve been down lately. Blogging is…well…hard. Getting a business off the ground is hard. Living out your God-given calling is hard. Trying to connect with others online and in real life is be hard. That’s how this week has felt. You stay […]

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7 Biblical Ways To Overcome Procrastination & Pursue Your God-Given Dreams!

woman writing in white journal

Scriptural Ways To Stop Procrastinating & Pursue Your God-Given Passion This is part 2 of my 7 Powerful Steps to Stop Procrastinating and Start Pursuing Your Passion blog post series. If you haven’t read part 1, please do so because part 2 probably won’t make much sense without you reading the beginning. Know what I […]

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How To Overcome Procrastination & Start Your Christian Blogging Journey (Even If It Scares You) Part 1

a woman writing in a journal overcoming procrastination christian

How To Overcome Procrastination & Start Your Christian Blogging Journey The Lord has been calling you to join the ranks of Christian bloggers who are using their talents to glorify God. This is not just like buying a new bible or praying a little bit longer or try that new Sunday school class. No,  starting […]

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