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How Batching Your Blog Posts Can Help You Write Tons Of Content

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Last Updated on July 9, 2021 by Nicky Johnson

Batching Your Blog Posts

Oh, man…

A week has gone by and you haven’t published a blog post.

Google’s not happy with you.

Pinterest is not happy with you.

You’re not happy with yourself.

You told yourself you would blog consistently from now. You would post on your blog every day.

Well, at least 3 times a week. Okay, maybe once a week.

But no matter how many “schedules” you create you never follow any of them.

I speak from experience that it is difficult to maintain a consistent blogging schedule. I look at my fellow bloggers and wonder how they do it.

Well, I’m going to tell you the secret method these prolific bloggers use to keep pumping out high-quality content consistently.

How to produce blog content consistently.

If you’re struggling to publish blog posts on a regular basis then try this: the batch method.

What Does Batching Your Blog Posts Mean?

The batch method is very simple.

It’s basically a marathon blog post writing session.

In other words, the batch method is when you write multiple blog posts in a matter of hours.  

I know, I know… who has that kind of time? It’s all in how you approach it.  Here are some tips to make this method more feasible.

1)Do Some Pre-work Before Your Begin Writing Your Content.

One way to make the batch method work for you is if you already have a list of blog topics that are ready to go.

If you have to do the research for in order to create a list of topics that your audience needs help with then the batch method is going to get burdensome fast.

Instead, keep an ongoing list of topics or even headlines in a document that you can use for your blog post write-a-thon.

Clear your schedule if you can: batch writing is something that you have to plan for in advance.

That should be obvious but the first thing that people will say is that they don’t have time for it.

What you have to do is treat it like an appointment or a mandatory meeting that you can’t miss.

It needs to be taken seriously or you may talk yourself out of it.

Write it in your calendar and then if someone wants to schedule something for that time tell them you have a scheduled appointment and ask what other time do they have available.


quotes from how to batch your blog posts


We have to be serious about our writing.

We are doing this to not only change our lives but the lives of others.

So treat it like you would any other meeting. No need to feel guilty (even though I admit I sometimes still do).


2)Pick a place where you can be alone to write your content.

The batch method works great for those who live alone but if you have a family, it might be best to go somewhere else to do the batch method.

Some of my favorite places to go work are as follows in this order: Panera, Chick-fil-A, the public library, the university library, Starbucks, outside and in my car (yes, my car lol…not in the summer though).


3)Exile any and all distractions.

Distractions umm umm distract us from our work so in order for the batch method to stand a chance we have to banish all distractions (I wonder if  I could have added another distraction or two into that sentence…it was really becoming a distraction.ok ok I’ll stop!).

So this means, tv off, music off unless you can listen to it without singing and dancing (I can’t really but if you can go for it), notifications off.

No checking Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or whatever else there is that causes us to lose focus. You can do it!

Set a goal so you’ll know when you’re finished: you want to set a goal for how many posts you will want to write.

The number you want to write will depend on how much time you can set aside.

Because it’s summer and I work in a high school, I have enough time to write 10 or more blog posts.

If you have a full-time job and a spouse and children you won’t have as much time so your goal might be to write 3 or 4 posts in a setting.

It can be over a few days: don’t worry that you have to set aside 6 hours in order to do the batch method.

What you could do is write in 2-hour increments over a few days or how many you can spare until you’ve reached your goal.


The Secret Strategy Successful Bloggers Use To Batch A Lot of Content


Conclusion To Batching Blog Posts To Write Massive Amounts Of Content

Now instead of disappointing yourself, your readers and Google, you’ve actually been blogging consistently because you set a goal to write 5 posts in 4 hours and you did it.

You rock!

I personally find it so motivating and challenging when I set out to write 5 or 6 posts in a matter of hours.

And it’s so rewarding and fulfilling when I can pull it off.

Have you ever tried the batch writing method?

I find it saves me a lot of headaches when I have writer’s block or when I don’t have time to write as many posts as I would like.

Let me know in the comments below if you have and any tips you can share with your fellow bloggers on writing consistently.

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