4 Best Types Of Blog Content That Will Bring You Tons Of Organic Traffic

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The best types of blog content for organic traffic

There’s no way around it, ya’ll.

Content truly is king.

Content is not only king but it’s queen, prince, and bae.

Okay, okay okay maybe it’s not all of those things, but if you want truly build a business, you have to create content.

And not just any content but high-quality content that your target readers want to read.

In fact, we want them to love it. That would be amazing.

But why is content and specifically content marketing so important?

Well, let’s first define what content marketing is.

I’m not an expert on this subject. In fact, it’s taken me a while to really get how major content is to the growth of our blogs and our businesses.

Without content, this thing we are trying to build, will not grow.

What Is Content Marketing?

Answer: So this is what I’ve worked out so far about content marketing.

God called us to produce, create, and build for a reason. He called us to do these things so that we can serve Him and serve others.

And the way that we can get the word out about the things that we are producing, creating, and building is by creating content built around those things that we are producing, creating, and building.

Then we market that content that we created so that people will know about the things that we have produced, created, and built for His glory and for the service of others.

Okay, I mean this is probably not how some blogging gurus would describe content marketing but you should know that we think a lil differently around here 😉

So let’s discuss a little about why content marketing matters so much for your business.

Why Content Marketing Matters For Your Business And Blog

We know that content is referred to as king but why?

Because no matter what type of business you’re in, the content you provide to your consumers will be at the core of your marketing plan because it’s what builds credibility and loyalty.

It’s because your high-quality content helps your consumers see you in 3 different lights:

1.Trustworthy: When people see your content, consistently, over time they begin to trust you and your judgment.

2. Credible: They believe what you are telling them if you consistently give them high-quality content.

3.Expert: They begin to see you as an expert and they come to you first when they need help, information or products about your particular field of expertise.

This is what we are aiming for when we create content.

Think about it. Businesses aren’t built on visitors who only come to your blog or website once.

For example, companies like Google don’t make most of their money from people doing one Google search and then never coming back.

They make money from people who use Google over and over again.

They make money from people who are loyal to Google and typically won’t use Yahoo or Bing as a search engine.

People trust Google because they provide great content for their users (in the form of search results).

Google then becomes credible because they consistently give us high-quality content.

They are now seen as search engine experts and the best in their field because they are seen as so trustworthy and credible.

Therefore people keep going back to Google for all of their searching needs.
We want to build a loyal group of readers just like Google has built a loyal group of users.

But sometimes we forget that we should be trying to keep the readers that we have and try to build relationships with them.

We want to try and get new readers but also maintain the ones that we have. And if you create content that serves the needs of your readers, consistently then you should be able to do that.

Think about hugely successful blogs like Smart Passive Income or Smart Blogger. They have created content that serves the needs of their readers and in return, they get readers who keep coming back to them time after time.

That’s because of the whole trust, credibility, and expert thing that we discussed earlier.

We want repeat readers, that turn into email subscribers, that turn into customers, that turn into repeat customers.

Aside: I know sometimes as Christian bloggers we can be uncomfortable with the idea of making money or seeing our blogs as a platform for our business but remember that we make the money when we serve the needs of our readers.

This is an exchange much in the same way you would at any other job where you work for a set number of hours and fulfill the needs of the company where you work and in exchange, you get paid for it.

Blogging and business are no different. Just a different kind of exchange

Now let’s go over the different forms of content that you can use to grow your business.

The Main Types Of Content That Will Increase Your Organic Blog Traffic

These are the main types of content that the average blogger or entrepreneur creates:

  1. text-based content
  2. graphics
  3. audio
  4. video

Each of these has its own benefits and will appeal to different types of audiences.

– Text-based Content

This is by far the most common type of content used on the internet. You’d be hard-pressed to find a website that didn’t have text-based content.

This is great because search engines love text-based content because it can understand and read it the best.

Forms of text-based content would be blog posts, text-based social media posts, pages on your blog with text, newsletters, ebooks, etc.

Text content brings traffic to your site and helps keep your visitors on your site which is great for your bounce rate.

When Google sees that people stay on your site for a while to consume your content, they rank you higher which brings in even more traffic to your blog.

best type of blog content for organic traffic

Example of Text-Based Blog Content


– Graphics-based Content

This is content is actually visual. Think memes on social media, banners, infographics, pictures etc. This type of content is very popular and people love sharing it.

This content works particularly well on Facebook and Pinterest of course. Graphics ads would also be considered graphic-based content.

You definitely want to create some graphics-based content on your site because of their easy sharability (totally made that word up) because it gets your brand name out there and can bring traffic to your site.


Example of Graphics-Based Content


– Audio-based Content

Audio content is things like podcasts and audiobooks. I love podcasts and listen to one almost every day, especially on the way home from work.

It is something that people enjoy because they can be learning while they are doing mundane things like commuting or cleaning.

You could definitely gain traffic by creating a podcast because if people like your podcast, they will want to learn more about you and what you have to say…therefore they will then visit your blog and you get more traffic.

List of top 50 Christian podcasts


– Video-based Content

Video, if you are brave enough, is probably the king of the content types. No doubt people build a stronger connection (and sometimes aversion!) to people they can see online.

If you know video is for you, I would highly recommend it. People love sharing video. And if you’ve noticed, social media platforms like Facebook and now Pinterest have really started putting a high value on video.

And video just does what text-based and graphics-based content cannot.

It has the power for you to demonstrate how your product or services work. When they can see your product or service in action, they are more likely to trust and buy from you.

Video content is a lot of work, however. With the editing involved, you have to determine whether video is what you really are being called to do.

Example of Video-Based Content

Which content format is right for you and your business?

This is when it is super important to know your audience. They will help you decide which kind of content is right for you.

Using analytics like Google and Pinterest will let you know what is connecting with your audience and what isn’t. Or you might try multiple kinds of content and analyze those results.

Just don’t spread yourself too thin.


Next Step: What to do To Get Started With Content Marketing?

So what should you do next in regards to your content marketing?

My advice is this:

Get super clear on who God wants you to serve in your business. Marketing your content will be difficult if you don’t know who you need to market it to.

Need help deciding? You can get a copy of my guide to help you make your decision.

Just enter your email address below and I will send you the link to this and my free Christian Blogging Roadmap. 

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the content largely responsible for organic traffic


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