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How to Write Powerful Blog Post Headlines That Draw Your Dream Readers To Your Christian Blog

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How to write blog post headlines that attract your dream readers

Are headlines an afterthought for you?

Are they something that you just throw together after you’ve written your amazing post?

I used to be like that.

I would write a post that I thought was good and useful to my audience and then come up with a headline in a few minutes and hope for the best.

This goes against all of my guru’s teaching and yet that’s what I’d do to “save time”.

What I forgot is that the headline is almost more vital than the post itself (almost).

Ever heard the phrase get them in the tent? It’s probably a circus reference but it’s true for blogging as well.

The blog is the tent and the headline is what makes them want to come into your tent and hang out.

You might have a delicious 3-course meal in the tent but if you don’t tell them that and for some reason they can’t smell it, they are not coming in to get it.

There are about a thousand other “tents” they could go to if you don’t make yours relevant to them.

So I’m going to go over some powerful ways to get your audience to come hang out in your “tent” aka your blog so you can help them with your brilliant post.

Sound good?

Then let’s go!

powerful headline techniques for blogs that attract dream readers

How To Use Powerful Headline Techniques To Attract Your Ideal Readers

1. Be as clear as cellophane.

I’ve discussed this in another post be the idea is, we’ve got to be super clear with our headlines.

When we see a headline, we want to know what we are in for when we click on it.

Mystery works well for novels but for blog post headlines not so much.

Don’t make your reader guess what your post is about. Make it transparent.

You can, of course, be creative about it but not so creative that your readers don’t know what the article is about.

For instance, for this article, I could have named it something “headlines for your readers”. What does that mean, though?

Are the headlines you are giving to your reader for their blog?

It’s just too unclear and many people will scroll past it. Try to be specific.

2. Use Power or Emotional Words.

Use emotional words that connect with your specific audience.

For instance, on this blog with a Christian audience using words like grave mistakes or bone-chilling may not really resonate with my readers (I don’t know you tell me ;))

However, on another blog with the right audience, those kinds of words would really speak to them.

Emotional words that speak to your audience will vary.

You have to try and get to know them by reading their comments, looking at the wording on pins they like, or headlines on posts they share


3. Offer Them Something

It may sound selfish but I can relate to this. When I look at a headline, subconsciously, I’m thinking “does this help me?”.

If it doesn’t then I move on. Posts that we write about our life can be interesting but even then it still needs to somehow give back to our audience in some way.

We need to be looking for a way to help solve their problems.

I try to look for problems that Christian bloggers say they have and then write articles that offer them solutions.

Sometimes I forget that mission though and get off track.

However, if you do that too, as long as we realize our mistake we can get back on track on the next post.


4. Use Their “Name” In The Headline.

Notice how I used the word Christian in the headline so you knew I was talking to you. If you’re talking to mothers then use mom, mamma, mum or whatever.

When you have a very specific group of people you want to target, use their group name in your headline.

If you’re talking to Christians then let them know that either implicitly by using words like faith or explicitly by using words like Christian (if that fits the headline).

Another way to do this method would be to say For Beginners.

This signals to that group, hey, this article is going to be simple enough for me to understand this subject so that’s the one I want to read.


Conclusion: Ready To Rewrite Some Of Your Christian Blog Headlines?

Now we have some concrete tips on how to write headlines that your audience will love. I’m going to give you a homework assignment (hey this is Christian blogging academy).

I want you to take one of your old headlines for a blog post and rewrite it using these principles.

Write your old headline and your improved headline in the comments below and then we can have a headline party.

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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How to Write Powerful Headlines That Draw Your Dream Readers To Your Christian Blog


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