How To Create An Amazing Editorial Content Calendar In Trello To Make More Sales!

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How to create a bomb editorial or content calendar to promote your business and make more sales

So have ya’ll created a content calendar for your blog yet?

If your blog content creation is sporadic (like mine) then you definitely want to start using a content calendar and if you’re not convinced then maybe you will be by the end of this post.

I’m going to guess that if you’re reading this I’m guessing that you’re here you either:

1) Don’t have a Content calendar and know you need one

2) Do have one but it’s not working for you

3) Don’t have one and don’t know if you need it

Well we are going to go over all of that today as well as answer the following:

  • What a Content calendar is
  • What should be included in a content calendar
  • What Trello is
  • How to create a simple but effective content calendar using Trello
  • The benefits of a content calendar
  • The benefits of using Trello for your content calendar
  • Where you can get a free blog content calendar
  • How to use Trello power ups
  • Where you can get an amazing blog planner with a Content calendar built into it

So let’s dive on in…


– What Is A Content Calendar?

So what is a Content calendar anyway?

A content calendar is when you create a list of upcoming content for your business and you assign a due date as to when that content should be published and shared with the world.

Then you would actually write down on a calendar when that content is due so you have a visual representation of when your content needs to be completed.

You can use a physical calendar and write it down.

You can use a digital calendar like Google Calendar and type it.

Regardless of how you choose to do it, having a content calendar is a great way to stay organized and consistent in creating content for your business.

– What Exactly Is Content, Anyway?

So actually I wasn’t even going to talk about this until just now but I thought about it and said “dude, people reading this may not know exactly what I mean by content or they might have a very narrow view of what content is”.

So let’s clarify this so we’re on the same page.

When I say content I don’t just mean blog posts.

I know sometimes we can get too narrowly focused on blog posts but you can create and schedule all kinds of content for your business like:

1. Blog posts (very important)

2. Social media posts (important depending on the industry you’re in)

3. Videos

4. Pinterest pins (even though Pinterest is having an identity crisis imo they are NOT a social media platform lol)

5. Email newsletters

6. Books (ebooks and physical)

7. Products (digital and physical)

8. Pictures and graphic

I’m sure there are others but you get the picture.

All of these types of content work together to promote your business and help you make sales.

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– What should be included in a content calendar

So what should you put on your content calendar?

Well I would put anything on your content calendar that is important to your businesses bottom line whatever that may be.

And honestly why would you create content that didn’t help your bottom line?

(I’m so guilty of this and the reason why you would create content that doesn’t help your bottom line is because you are unsure of what your bottom line or purpose of your business is but I digress).

So if email marketing is a big part of your business strategy then I would definitely write down and schedule when your newsletters would come out and the purpose of each newsletter

(Is it a newsletter to help connect with your audience? Is it a newsletter to promote a new product you created?)

If blog content is a big part of your business strategy then definitely create a list of blog post ideas that are well researched and write them on your content calendar


– What Is Trello?

Now you might be like ummm why is she telling me about Trello?

I get it and trust me, all shall be revealed in due time.

Just roll with me on this please and I’ll tell you why I’m explaining Trello to you.

Now Trello is a productivity or project management app that people basically use in a million different ways.

I doubt that the Trello creators had any clue that their app would be used for so many different things!

Look at the pics below to get an idea of what Trello looks like.

a look at a Trello dashboard

Inside look at all some of my Trello boards


an inside look at a content planner and calendar on Trello

This is an inside look at one of the blog content checklists in my content planner!


The pic above happens to be a picture of my Blog Content Planner (the blog content checklist to be exact) available in my Etsy shop which I will talk more about later.

But Trello is really cool and it’s a great way to organize all of the many tasks and ideas that go along with running a business.

Psst: Click here to learn how you can get a free blogging tasks checklist in Trello!

I currently have a section on my Trello app for a blog content planner, an income strategy planner, email marketing, digital product planner, as well as many boards and sections related to my personal life including a Bible Study Journal I created.

You can literally plan and organize your whole life in one app which is why I love it so much!


– How to create an editorial or content calendar using Trello 

So this tutorial is going to assume that you already have a list of content ideas that you plan to create.

But perhaps you haven’t decided when you’re going to publish each item.

Well, the cool thing about a content calendar and about running your own business is that you can change the content calendar as your blog and business expands and grows.

So don’t feel like whatever you put on the calendar is set in stone.

Give yourself some grace as you learn and start to create the perfect system.

Also keep in mind that when I say content calendar I don’t just mean blog posts. I mean you can also create a social media calendar,  Pinterest pin calendar, email newsletter schedule, and more! Trello is so versatile!

This will also assume that you have a (free) Trello account. If not click here to create an account and download the app.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the tutorial!

Begin Trello Content Calendar Tutorial!

This post assumes that you already know how to create boards, board lists, & cards in Trello. If not watch the videos below to learn more

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Step 1

create a new board in Trello

Create a new board or if you already have a blog planning board in Trello, you can open that board now.

(And if you’re interested in where you can get a digital blog planner in Trello then you can click here to see the one in my Etsy store!)

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Step 2

open the menu in your new board


Next click where it says show menu

(please note that this must be done on a computer)


Step 3

click power-up in the Trello menu


After you open the menu, click where it says Power-ups and you’re going to search for Calendar


Step 4

now search for the Calendar powerup in Trello and add it


When you see the Calendar power-up, click on the green “add” button. (You probably won’t’ see it on my screen because I’ve already added but it should be on yours)

Now your calendar power-up should be added to that board.

Close the powerup window in Trello


Click the x to close that search window and we will move on to the next step

(Quick note: you can have 1 power-up per board on the free account. You can have unlimited power-ups for each board on a paid Trello account.)

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Step 5

Open the card you want to use for your blog post


Yay, we now have this cool calendar on your Trello board that you can use to start scheduling when you want to have your content completed and or published.

But how do you use it?

Well, the next step is to create a card on your board list.

Because I already have a content calendar created in Trello then I will just open my card that I created for this blog post.

If you don’t have a card for the content you want to put on your calendar then create one now.


Step 6

pic of the blog post card in trello...setting a due date


Once that card is open, click you can click the due date button and choose the date & time for when you want that particular blog post to be published.


pic of how to create a content calendar for your business


Pro Tip: You can create colored labels too for even more organizational fun!

how to create a label in Trello

What you can do is create a label for blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, etc and then I’ll show you in the next step how that will help you!


a look at the different colored labels


Step 7

pic of the blog content planner Trello board


We’re almost to the finish line.

Now all you need to do is click where it says calendar view and you will not only see all of the due dates you’ve set but you’ll also see all of the different colored labels.


a pic of your content calendar in Trello


This will show you when you plan to have your blog posts, social media posts and all your content published AND you will be able to tell one type of content from the other because of the different labels you’ve used!

I don’t know about you but the organization geek in me is loving this!


– The benefits of a content calendar

The benefits of using a content calendar are legion and I’ve already discussed a few but let’s go over them again.

1. Consistency: Using a content calendar will help you produce content on a consistent basis!

2. Well planned and researched content: Because you have a content calendar it implies that you’ve already created a list of well seo researched blog topics which… at least that’s what I hope it means.

I’ve definitely in the past created content calendars that had a bunch of random content that had nothing to do with my business strategy assuming I had a business strategy then).

Please don’t be like me. Be better.

3. No more guessing: You’ll know exactly which blog post or piece of content you have coming out next.

4. Coordinate content with product launches: If you know you have product launching soon, you can plan out and schedule your content well.


– The benefits of using Trello for your content calendar 

You might be wondering why you would even want to use Trello for a content calendar.

I’m so glad you wondered that 😊 because I have some very good reasons!

Some of the reasons for using Trello as your content calendar is that it’s free, yo!

That’s one of my favorite reasons! Another reason is because it syncs on all of your devices.

It’s pretty cool. I’ve tested it.

I’ll make a change on a board on the phone app while the Trello app is open on my computer and like magic the change will appear on my computer too.

And one of the issues I had with a paper planner is that you either have to carry it around, or you have to remember to write something on it, when you get home.

But when using this kind of planner or content calendar you can “write” in it any time you want.

Now in my heart I’m a pen and paper girl but with our on the go lifestyles that so many of us have I love being able to change and update my planner and calendar wherever I am!


– Where you can get a blog planner/content calendar

Now I understand you might be reading this post thinking, dude, I would love a content calendar and even better a blog planner but I don’t need not one more thing on my to do list.

I get you, totally, that’s why I created a content planner in Trello for you (and for me) and put it in my Etsy shop.

I love this content planner so much and I’m not one to just say that just because I made something.

I’m more critical of myself than probably anyone else.

But I do truly love this planner and it’s because it helps me plan ALL of the content for my business in one place.

I’m so much more organized using this calendar and planner.

I’m going to show you how it looks and share with you why I created it the way that I did.

If you are interested in this blog content planner, if you sign up for my free email newsletter, I will send you a 25% off discount code for this planner!

Just enter your email below to get the coupon code sent to you.


Paper planners are creations with concrete sections with no room to grow or add your own sections.

Some people like that and I’ve created paper planners too because like I said, I like writing on actual paper.

But then I tried Trello and I loved it.


– I love using Trello as a planner because…

1) It’s always with you as long as you have a device with you like a phone or a tablet

2) It’s customizable. The content planner that I created has plenty of structure so that you can have the guidance that you might want from a planner but you also have the ability to customize the sections to your liking, which is something you can’t necessarily do even with a digital planner created in Goodnotes.

Now before you come at me and say that you can customize digital planners made in Goodnotes let me explain what I mean by customize.

In this content planner that I created you can add a new section for every single blog post that you plan to write.

The way that I designed it, you have a board list (or section) for each blog post and on that board list you have a card (or sub-section) where you can write down:

– any SEO or keyword research notes for that blog post

– a blog post checklist that you can use to make sure you write consistently high quality posts every time.

– a section to write down your blog post outline

– a place to write the descriptions, captions, and headlines for the social media posts that you will create to promote this blog post

– a section to write the description and pin text overlays/headlines for your Pinterest pins

– and it also has a place where you can write your email marketing newsletters to let your subscribers know about your new blog post.

This is especially helpful for when your blog post is promoting a new product that you’ve created.

But honestly this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve created so many sections on this planner.

And one of the coolest parts is, you can duplicate any section with the click of a button.

This is why I say planners made with Trello are customizable in ways that other planners are not.

But you might be wondering, okay great the planner is customizable but how does it help me make more sales?

Trust I’m getting to that…keep reading.

– The Problem Bloggers Have With Their Income Strategy

Okay, so one of the problems that I’ve had and I have seen other bloggers and entrepreneurs have is with having a cohesive strategy when it comes to their content.

I’ve struggled with focus throughout launch of my blog (Healthy As You Can).

I might publish a blog post about weight loss one day and then another post about using a planner the next with no real connection or rhyme or reason.

And then I wouldn’t know what to post on social media.

I wouldn’t know what products would help my audience nor what kind of email newsletters to send my list.

It was super frustrating.

I didn’t have focus.

Not with my blog posts, email opt-ins, product offerings, newsletters, or social media content.

I mean, make it make sense (face palm)

And like I mentioned, all of the different planners I tried before didn’t work for me because I couldn’t customize them and change them to fit the way my own (scatter)brain works.

And because of my scatterbrain my ideas would be scattered here, there, and everywhere in this app or this Google doc or on a sticky note somewhere.

And then I found Trello, and I was finally able to create a business and blog strategy and planner that I could truly make my own.


– How This Content Planner Helps You Create A Business Strategy

This digital content planner keeps your blog content focused and cohesive by the way I designed it.

There are 3 specific sections (called board lists) of the content planner that I created that keep you laser focused on your business and income strategy.

Here’s how…

The content planner includes 2 board lists for content ideas:

Board List 1: Here’s where you write down your content ideas for attracting your target customer to your blog

Board List 2: And there’s a section to write down content ideas that help promote your products.

Right away instead of creating random content that doesn’t really help your business, you are in the frame of mind to create content for a very specific purpose and for a very specific audience.

Framing your ideas into these two categories really forces you to think about what each piece of content is truly for.

Does this content truly serve your audience or is it just fluff?

That’s what you’ll need to answer with each blog post you create.

Then that leads you to the next section that keeps you even more focused…

Board List 3: After you decide which blog post you want to create, for each blog post you plan to write, there’s a board list with the following cards or sub-sections

(As an aside: I’ve already mentioned this sections earlier but I know how ya’ll skim a blog post and don’t read everything lol):

– A section to write down any SEO or keyword research notes. I like to write down any information about the keywords I’ve chosen for that blog post, competitive analysis info for the websites on the first page of Google for that keyword, etc.

Blog post checklists that you can use to make sure you write consistently high-quality posts every time.

– A section to write down your blog post’s outline

– A place to write the descriptions, captions, and headlines for the social media posts that you will create to promote this blog post

– A section to write the description and pin text overlays/headlines for your Pinterest pins

– And it also has a place where you can write your email marketing newsletters to let your subscribers know about your new blog post.

This is especially helpful for when you’re blog post is promoting a new product that you’ve created.

It was like an aha moment for me.

Having a ready list of blog post ideas that I know will serve my potential customers ensured that I wouldn’t be writing random nonsensical posts that don’t help me or my audience.

And then being able to take that blog post idea and having a linear, easy to follow, and cohesive strategy…

And then to have every component of the blog post is in one place, from the research, to the creation, to the marketing of that creation…dude, I was so stoked.

I no longer had to wonder where I wrote this note or that social media post idea or if that idea was relative to my overall strategy.

Having all of the different components of a blog post in one list gave me the clarity that I needed and I hope that it will do these same for you.


– How This Digital Content Planner Will Help You Get More Sales

But how does this content planner help me sell more products, you still might be wondering.

Don’t worry I’ll explain.

Like I mentioned earlier, the content planner prompts you to create content that either attracts your target audience or ties in directly with your product.

So when you use it the way it’s designed, using the content planner will help you:

– Create content that attracts your target audience or target customer.

– Then you will use that content to entice them to sign up for your email list.

-Once they are on your list, you can email them when you create new products or when you have a sale, which in turn will help you make more sales.


– Or if you do affiliate marketing you can send them information about affiliate products you are promoting.

– Or it will help you create helpful blog posts (as well as other pieces of content) that are directly related to the products you sell.

For instance, this blog post provides value to my reader as it teaches them how to create a content calendar.

But it also ties directly into a product that I’ve created which is a content planner that contains a content calendar.

And it’s possible that someone will read this post and decide that they want to buy the content planner which would mean I made a sale.


– Conclusion To Creating A Content Calendar

Is it starting to all come together for you?

I hope so.

I hope after reading this post you understand the importance of not only using a content calendar but also a content planner to help grow your business.

You should now know how to create a calendar for your content.

– How To Buy The Trello Content Planner

And you should also know where you can buy a bomb content planner!

If you’re interested, just click the button below!

Click Here To Buy The Trello Content Planner

Infomercial alert: But wait there’s more…you could actually get a 25% discount on my content planner if you sign up for my email list. 

I’ll send you a discount code to your inbox and ‘errthang.

Just enter your email address in the form below to gain access. And as always thanks for reading!



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